August 15, 2006

MVD Punks It Up!


This breathtaking performance displays why Bad Brains became one of the most important bands in the history of American Hardcore. On Christmas Eve 1982, Bad Brains began their three-day stint at a Hardcore Festival hosted by legendary CBGB. This DVD represents the very best of these shows, culled from over 4 hours of footage. Their live performances were legendary, their visual recordings were impossible to find. Now, for the first time on DVD, that powerful performance is revisited in extraordinary fashion.

“The legend was real. The 1979-1983 Bad Brains were the hottest rock ‘n’ roll band ever, and those of us who saw them 80 or 90 times (there were several dozen of us in New York and their former base, D.C.), thought we were seeing a semi-monthly miracle. I still remember singer H.R. starting sets by declaring, deadpan “If you came to rock ‘n’ roll, you came to the right place”—the understatement of the century. 24 years later watching this video footage of a merely typical CBGB weekend, one is tempted to say, ‘See???!!!! That’s what we were talking about!’ (Jack Rabid, Publisher of BIG TAKEOVER MAGAZINE)

Tracklist: Big Take Over, Attitude, I, Supertouch/ sh**fit, King of Glory, Right Brigade, F.V.K., Banned in DC, How Low Can a Punk Get, The Meek, Riot Squad, We Will Not, Coptic Times, At the Movies, Rally Round Jah Throne, Redbone in the City, Pay to Cum.

Bonus materials include: Interviews from 1982

UK SUBS - Warhead: 25th Anniversary Live at Marquee

This killer performance was filmed at the Marquee Club in London on October 24, 2002. This DVD contains 23 live tracks and an in-depth look at the bang through an exclusive interview. All the classic songs are here: "New York State Police", "Tomorrow's Girls", "Limo Life" and more. With well-delivered and unfaltering energy, the band will remind you of what true punk is.

Tracklist: Living Dead, Cyberjunk, Squat 96, Lay Down And Die, Ice Age, Sensitive Boys, Emotional Blackmail, Left For Dead, Rockers, Crash Course, Endangered Species, Time And Matter, New York State Police, Down On The Farm, Party In Paris, Tomorrows Girls, Warhead, Strangehold, C.I.D, Tomorrows Girls 2, Limo Life, You Don’t Belong, and I Couldn’t Be You. Run Time: 132 minutes

WAKE UP SCREAMING - A Vans Warped Tour Documentary

Wake Up Screaming is a one-of-a-kind, behind-the-scenes look at the Vans Warped Tour through the eyes of Texas-farm-boy-turned-punk-rock-roadie Jason Bayless. Bayless, along with extreme documentary filmmakers David Bergthold of Blockhead Skateboards and pro skateboarder Laban Pheidias, was granted exclusive access to all aspects of the tour.

Follow Jason and crew as they spend nine weeks traveling through 48 cities, rubbing elbows with the hottest bands of today and hundreds of punk rock all-stars. Watch awesome live performances from emerging new bands, including Emery, Strike Anywhere, Valient Thorr, Bleed the Dream, and more! With more than 700,000 fans in attendance, there is never a shortage of sexy groupies and crazy nights of excess. Witness all the wild backstage and onstage happenings as Jason gets a firsthand account of this exciting lifestyle.

Wake Up Screaming is a truly mind-bending experience at the longest-running music festival on the planet—the Vans Warped Tour!

FEATURING MUSIC AND LIVE PERFORMANCES FROM MORE THAN 20 BANDS, INCLUDING: Hawthorne Heights, Story of the Year, Silverstein, Emery, NOFX, The A.K.A.s, The Eyeliners, S.T.U.N., Strike Anywhere, Anberlin, Bleed the Dream, Street Drum Corps, Opiate for the Masses, Despistado, Valient Thorr and more!

Bonus materials include:

- Full Performances section (10 songs including Hawthorne Heights, Emery, Silverstein & more!)
- Cool outtakes with Bert McCracken from The Used and John Feldmann from Goldfinger
- Exclusive interviews with members of Story of the Year, Silverstein, The A.K.A.s and more.
- Website with Trailer and Press Picts:

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