September 29, 2006

Drop-O-Rama's Super-Rock!

Drop-O-Rama was formed in Paris by Antoine de Montremy and Raphaël Hautefort. Led by talented vocalist Olivier Campana, whose influence on the English underground scene has been well noticed with London rockers The Vibe (first album produced by George De Angelis to be released soon), Drop-O-Rama experienced outstanding debut in the European rock scene with its first two albums Nothing Changes (2002) and Superlove (2004), which have both been highly praised by the critics.

With the upcoming release of Drop-O-Rama's third album Three at Last (to be released in 2007) and an exclusive acoustic record, the musicians are set to take up new challenges in 2007. With Three at Last, mixed by Serge Begnis (Eths, Fis(ch)er, Yannick Noah), Drop-O-Rama remains faithful to its baseline of solid rock and emotional melody, whereas in the acoustic album (album title and release date to be confirmed) the musicians revisit their early classics, with a creative and unexpected approach.

With your support, Drop-O-Rama will provide a double ration of energy and sensitivity in 2007!

Olivier Campana - Vocals
Raphaël Hautefort - Guitar
Rodolphe le Dorner - Bass
Antoine de Montremy - Drums

Discography :
Nothing Changes (Brennus/Musea, 2002)
Superlove (Fifteen Music, 2004)

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