September 29, 2006

All about Inquisitor Betrayer. Well, ALMOST all...

What it is?
Electronic Symphonica duo featuring Dale Kay and Wes Antczak from Lancaster, California. And they're good!

How they sound like?
Like the best. Tangerine Dream. Synergy. Jean Michel Jarre. But you can check it all on their first album, Space Elevator, with a cover art by legend Paul Whitehead (Genesis, Van Der Graaf Generator).

How long is it?
68 minutes and 56 seconds. Give or take a few seconds. Most players say 68 minutes and 58 seconds.

How many tracks?
Nine, the lucky number. The samples are on their homepage. Go check 'em.

Where do I find 'em?
Mainly, here. Music Forte has the tracks for download for a few months now. CD Baby will supply iTunes and more as well. But if you're nota fan of MP3, that lack the deep bass and open feel they put into the tracks, there's the CD and the DVD.

DVD? Did you say DVD?
Yes. They are pondering a DVD for future release.

How much does it cost?
Short term sales from us direct, $12.00 . CD Baby will have them for $12.99. Other places as required on pricing. Amazon will have them too.

"Space Elevator" took you almost 5 years to make, will the next one be as long?
It It might be released this year and they are working out the concept for CD 3.

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