September 23, 2006

For those about to be rocked... CHEOPE salutes you!

Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the ride. Now lean against the window and take a look at the landscape. Meadows of melody, streams of electric power, rhythmical earthquakes and waves of emotions.

Five knights in the distance are advancing and welcoming you to the future, although they are named after one of the most illustrious pharaos in ancient Egypt.

Enrico Scutti (vocals), Fabio Serra (guitars), Daniele Bragaglia (guitars), Tiziano Milani (bass) and Dario Sacco (drums, percussion and samples) became CHEOPE in 1999. These five young men from Rome, Italy, teamed up after the breakup of Agony, a death-progressive band founded by Dario, Fabio and his brother Rian. A note on a notice board in a record shop and an intense series of auditions helped Dario and Fabio find trustworthy bandmates, who shared their admiration for Dream Theater and Metallica, superb technical abilities and the dream of making music for a living.

Their 2001 four-track demo was enthusiastically reviewed as a fresh, flawlessly performed and remarkably composed prog metal. Now CHEOPE prove to have gained outstanding songwriting skills with their debut album Downloadideas. Which is no monolith at all, speaking of Egyptian sightseeings. Mastered by the legendary sound engineer George Marino in NYC, Downloadideas embodies thirty years of rock and its many nuances, blended with the sounds and styles of the 21st century. Here are fourteen tracks on the borderline between prog rock and nu metal, featuring confident and versatile vocals (whispering, growling and singing) on a rich texture of sharp guitars and vigourous drums, often having to face odd rhythms and tempo changes in perfect fusion with a strong personality bass.

Solemn and passionate, distorted and crystal-clear, astonishingly dynamic and yet powerful in their anthem choruses this is what CHEOPE are all about. It only takes a couple of songs like Gravity Kills, Leave Me Alone or Colors to remain speechless, and slightly longer than one hour to be totally captured.

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And keep your ears open: the album will be released on October 6th in Italy, and available on Itunes all over the world.

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