September 23, 2006

The Seventh Season releases their first DVD - and more!

The Seventh Season was established in Moscow, Russia (former Soviet Union) in 1972. Led by Yuri Batygin, in the years 1972-1975 the band performed at various stages, trying to find it's own sound. From 1976 to 1979 the band spent their time mostly recording numerous songs in their home studio. However, after 1979, the guys decided to call it a day. The Seventh Season restarted again nearly twenty years later, in 1998. In its current form, The Seventh Season has been around since the spring of 2001. At first, consisting of two members (Yuri & Konstantin), the band decided to record a full-length EP prior to any other action. Already knowing that recording is going to be no easy task, Yuri and son Konstantin spent countless hours experimenting and laying down tracks in the studio. They finished recording their first CD, Fall Within in October of 2002, after which they spent many months perfecting their work. Two compositions from this album, “Morning” and “Army of Reality,” were later recorded by the Hill Top Records studio in Hollywood, Los Angeles, for their compilation album "The Land That I Love", which came out in September 2003. The official release date of The Seventh Season's first CD, "Fall Within" was chosen to be March 1, 2003. The CD quickly made it to various stores all over USA (Tower Records, Streetlight Records, etc) and Internet stores such as and iTunes. “Fall Within” then started getting airplay at stations all over the world (USA, Germany, Japan, Canada, UK, etc) and reviews by various magazines internationally. Meanwhile, The Seventh Season was moving on, began working on their live show.

In May 2003, The Seventh Season started playing various stages all over the San Francisco Bay Area. In March of 2004, they made their way down to Los Angeles to perform live at the NY International Music Festival, which took place at the Fairfax Theatre in Hollywood. As time went on, The Seventh Season began to play at bigger clubs and Festivals. Also, somewhere around May 2004, Yuri and Konstantin were joined by The Seventh Season’s new drummer Virgil Gheorghiu. In the following months, a few interviews with the band were published in magazines and the amount of airplay of The Seventh Season increased. Meanwhile, new material started to pile up and it was time to get started on the next EP. During late 2004 and early 2005, the band began to intensely lay down track after track for their next CD. In March 2005 on Konstantin’s birthday, taking a break from the studio, Yuri & Konstantin made their way down to L.A. to appear on the Dirty Dave Show on 99.3 FM KCLA. During this 30-minute radio interview, the band discussed its past, present and future with the award winning DJ, Dirty Dave. When the two came back to the Bay Area, they didn’t stay there for long, since the Spring 2005 tour started and it was time for the band to throw their instruments into the California Exploration Vehicle (CEV) and head for the road. During the months of March, April and May of 2005, The Seventh Season played numerous live shows all over California and gave one TV interview. The tour ended in early June with a 2-hour live performance on CMAP television.

Through summer of 2005, the band played a few shows, however most of the time was spent concentrating on recording of the upcoming album. In the month of August, due to Virgil’s departure, the Yuri & Konstantin quickly found themselves playing with Sergei Smet on drums. This helped the band to finally add a true sense of rock’n’roll into its music. Continuing on with the same momentum, the band kept performing live, adding new material to its set. In late 2005, they started laying down tracks in the studio with Sergei on drums.

In Feburary 2006, The Seventh Season recorded their first live DVD "Transposition" at Ex'pression College for Digital Arts. In the following months, they played various gigs, as well as the Emergenza Inernational Rock Festival's Semi-Finals. In August 2006, the band released "Transposition" on Independent Records Inc. which quickly became availible on, and Tower Records.

Times are more exciting than ever. With the new CD in progress, and new exhilarating shows on the calendar, these rockers are ready to rock harder than ever.

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