June 03, 2007

Severin Films announces the first official DVD release of LAURE

Severin Films is proud to announce the first official DVD release of Laure, directed by “the real Emmanuelle”.

Her tantalizing memoir shocked the world—its infamous film adaptation changed X-rated cinema forever. Now for the first time, Emmanuelle Arsan – the real Emmanuelle – brings her own lush vision of total sexual abandon to the screen as writer, director and co-star of the rarely seen erotic classic, Laure.

The succulent Annie Belle (House on the Edge of the Park, Black Emmanuelle, White Emmanuelle fame) stars as Laure, a free-spirited young woman whose bold philosophy of pleasure enflames the passions of every man and woman she encounters in the steamy city of Manila. But when she’s invited to join a deep jungle expedition with a hunky filmmaker (Al Cliver of Zombie and The Beyond) and a beautiful anthropologist (Arsan), Laure discovers that no sexual hunger can ever be truly forbidden. Can one woman’s insatiable lust create a new dimension of love, or will her complete carnal surrender to a strange native tribe lead to the most shocking act of all?

From the woman whose memoir of sexual exploits revolutionized the erotica industry, Laure is presented on DVD for the first time. Special features include the theatrical trailer, an audio interview with star Annie Belle, Interview with actor Al Cliver and the bonus featurette, “Emmanuelle Revealed: Interview with Producer Ovidio Assonitis”

Laure streets on June 12, 2007 with an S.R.P. of $29.95. For more information please visit www.severin-films.com

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