July 01, 2007

Composer will create a fully interactive visual storyboard - His sophomore CD written for a huge epic 80 piece orchestra!

Walt Ribeiro will once again break new ground. The composer will create 12 bone-crushing orchestral ‘music webisodes’, which he calls ‘Musodes’. All together the 12 stories will create his second CD, titled ‘I.II’(pronounced one point two) and will visually tell the story behind his music.

Here’s how it will work: In the way that previous CD’s have blended music with video, Ribeiro will do so but as a fully interactive webisode on his website www.waltribeiro.net and his Youtube channel ‘waltribeiro’. In October his first music webisode, or ‘musode’, will introduce every character and set up the musical journey, revealing what the music is about. Then every 3 weeks for the next 9 months, Ribeiro will release a new musode to continue the epic story. Listeners will also be able to tune into his Podcast, and everything (Music, Orchestral Scores, etc.) will be free on his website and his music will be licensed under Creative Commons.

“In addition, my audience will be able to fully interact with each other, too. ”


“Rather than remix just the audio files, they’ll also have complete access to all my MIDI data. Imagine someone wanting a whole section to be in unison, or to add another instrument, or to resample everything as a bagpipe section. In addition, listeners will be able to download the latest video, music, and every stem of each track. Those who already own Finale/Sibelius/Notion/etc. will be able to download my MIDI file, too. Since it’s a visual story, they can edit the video, change the music, and create a complete mashup of my orchestral work. I will even use Sibelius’ Scorch technology and PDF Files of my scores along with the CD launch. This will allow anyone to download my scores and use them for study purposes and to see what they hear.

“This brings music education - and just music in general - the way it was intended to be – interactive. We can show each other what we’ve done, and discuss everything through both the forum and/or video. I have the greatest audience in the world, and now I can interact with them!” exclaims Ribeiro.

Can’t read music? Or have any questions you would like answered? Simply send them to Walt and he’ll answer them on his youtube channel ‘waltribeiro’.

The four stickmen - depicted by the CD cover who symbolize the main melody ‘EEFE’ - will be the main characters. The complete score consists of 12 huge orchestral pieces, with the addition of the prelude, a wind fugue, and a piano piece. Similarly, like his previous CD, the ‘Prelude’ gently introduces the next 11 melodies of the entire score, just before everything develops, and ultimately leads to the monstrous ‘Finale’. This acts as the closing, and second half to his previous CD – and now the melodies he was hinting at will finally unfold!

Right next to his video will be his music store, where his audience/viewers will be able to download the music/scores/files of that musode immediately, and send donations if they choose. Fans of the show will also be able to instantly order the physical CD (w/ no video) by late 2007.

“I’m extremely excited about this! I want my audience to be a part of this as much as they want to be a part of this. Also, I dislike the idea of releasing one or two ‘singles’ in order to promote a CD. This model allows every piece on my CD to act as a ‘single’ - the way I want it to be. I worked extremely hard on this work, and like my previous CD, I am thrilled with it!”

Tune in October for the ‘Prelude’, and get to know the characters and all 11 melodies.

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