August 08, 2007


Gnosis is a Greek word for cognition, the whole hipgnosis word has an obvious association and it is also a clue for SsaweQ's (bandleader) greatest music fascination.

HIPGNOSIS was founded in 2004. From March to September 2005 the group was recording its debut album in SsaweQ's friend's studio. They had the possibility to work on the material for as long as they needed it until the effect was satisfying.

Hipgnosis want their music to be listened to by people who will appreciate it and who will come to their concerts to enjoy its sound.

"SKY IS THE LIMIT" lasts 41 minutes and is "divided" into sides 1 and 2 as a good old vinyl LP. "Side 1" contains gentle songs with a female voice, "side 2" contains music with more power and rock beat, partially sung by a man. The additional material was released as a limited edition CD single entitled "EP".

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