August 07, 2007

World of Warcraft - The Movie!

Yes, it's going to happen. BlizzCon 2007 gave the site Warcraft the first solid and interesting information with regards to the WoW. Thomas Tull, producer of 300, stated a budget of over $100m would be committed, with a projected 2009 release date. Legendary Pictures are 100% committed to this project, it shall be a “tent-pole”, something to stand next to and say “we did that!” - whilst remaining true to the game and fan base.

The plot for the film will take place approximately a year before the start of World of Warcraft, including races you have played and lands you have wandered in, where lots of plot arcs are melded into a two and a half hour story. The film itself will revolve around a ‘badass’ new hero, with a theme towards conflict and culture - being a War Movie rather than a quest movie, from an Alliance’s perspective.

“It’s actually not like the great adventure. It’s not so much a quest movie. It’s more of a war movie. Well, okay, it’s absolutely a war movie. Cultures grinding up to a horrible moment where it just all spills over and gets out of control. Less of an adventure party quest-type situation. More of an armies building to an inevitable conclusion type situation.”

No director or cast have yet been assigned to the project and Tull stated that recognizable actors to play main roles was not a necessity. “We are starting those conversations. We’re going to be looking for someone of Zak Snyder (300) or Chris Nolan (The Dark Knight, Batman Begins) calibre,”

And now for the first piece of concept art of the Teldrassil (click to download the hi-res image).

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